Towards Sustainable Transport

Transportation accounts for 27% of US greenhouse gas emissions, and is one of the largest contributors to greenhouse gases. Therefore, it is important to prioritize ways to reduce our carbon footprint and improve sustainability when we consider our traveling options.

As the infographic here shows, prioritizing sustainability for our daily commutes and occasional longer distance travels can benefit us in more ways than one. We can save money when we minimize the use of our car or choose a car with the best fuel economy. We can enjoy and gain a deeper sense of connection to our immediate surroundings when we travel by train or bus. We can even connect more with fellow passengers when we car pool or car share. Riding our bikes more where there are safe bicycle tracks can provide us with beneficial exercise, and if we do this with our family, can provide us with bonding opportunities. Choosing to live in towns or cities where we live near to work or schools, shops and services, and with good infrastructure of public transport or walkability scores can greatly improve our sanity and save us much time for leisure.  


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