A school that teaches children about climate change and sustainable living

24 Hours of Reality 2017: Inconvenient Youth, South Australia.   

This video clip comes from Cowandilla Primary School, in Adelaide, South Australia, Australia. This school is called a “Climate change focus school”, and has a focus teaching children about climate change and then to take action by reducing their ecological footprint and living sustainably. The senior students are seen teaching the younger students, and are involved in various projects in the school that teach sustainable living – from rainwater tanks, to solar panels, to veggie patches and recycling. It shows how the children have been able to influence their parents into more sustainable lifestyles as well.  What a great way to help children grow their confidence, skills and real life interests. What a great role model for other schools as well.

 This is the hope and voices of the future. Way to go, Cowandilla Primary School!


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