Reducing food waste can save us money and help our planet


Do you know that in developed countries some 40% of food is wasted from production to table? This leads to big problems:

  • Financial loss – At the retail and consumer levels, this is estimated at about  $161 billion a year in the US alone, together with all the wasted resources like energy, water, chemicals, land use and labor.
  • Gobal Warming – Reducing food waste is ranked as the 3rd out of 100 most important solutions to reduce atmospheric CO2.
  • Environmental problem – Wasted food is the largest source of trash. Once in landfills, they produces methane gas, a strong greenhouse gas, adding to global warming.
  • Social issue – In 2013, 14.3% of US households – that’s about 48 million  people, including 16 million children – are food insecure sometime during the year.

About half of the food waste happens on the consumers’ side – that’s from our shopping carts to our kitchens! With good planning, a lot of this can be saved, and that equates to more dollars in our pockets. Read the infographic above for tips on how to reduce food waste.




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