Teaching Children to Love and Care for the Environment


Children are the future citizens of our planet. Whatever state of the world that we pass on to them, it will be up to them to continue to nurture and heal our planet.  

Teaching children to love and care for the environment starts from young – by our role modeling as parents, teachers and other adults in the community, and by introducing them to first hand experiences in nature . As the infographic above shows, there are many ways for adults and children to share outdoor nature experiences. Sharing outdoor experiences with children are joyful, as children exude natural delight and curiosity when exploring nature. They provide the best opportunities for children and adults alike to bond, exercise, relax and replenish their energy and spirit. They create the best memories children will carry to their adulthood. As we show children that they are connected to our natural world – its land, oceans and air, its vegetation and animals, they will grow up with this love of the environment, and it will be natural for them to live sustainably on this earth and to care for all plants and beings.

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