Take 1 Million Women’s CARBON CHALLENGE

When we care about the global environmental crisis and want to be part of the healing process,  the first thing we can do is make changes in our own lives – to live sustainably, in ways which reduce our carbon footprint. But, how do we do this? We may have heard about changing to more efficient energy use light bulbs, but is that enough? How do we know if we are being effective? Luckily, we have people who have done all the hard work for us, who can show us effective ways towards sustainable living.

Here’s where 1 Million Women’s CARBON CHALLENGE comes in. https://www.1millionwomen.com.au/carbon-challenge/ This challenge has worked out all the figures for us, and all we have to do is to click on the changes we think we can make in our own daily lives, and it’ll translate that into easy to understand numbers on how much carbon we would be saving monthly. After we take on this challenge, we’ll get a monthly reminder and report, to review and confirm what changes we had actually undertaken that month. No guesswork required, we’ll know just how effective our efforts have been. Easy!!

The great thing of doing a challenge with a like minded group is that we gain motivation, momentum and we’ll be in great company. It’ll help us keep on track, learn along the way, and make it all enjoyable!

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