Climate Reality’s 100% COMMITTED Campaign


Reducing our individual carbon footprint is the first essential step in being committed to be a part of the solution of healing our planet’s climate crisis.

Beyond that, we can direct our effort into helping our communities (our schools, universities, workplaces, businesses, towns or cities) to commit to shifting to use clean renewable energies, such as wind, solar or others, to cut greenhouse gas emissions. Clean renewable energies are dropping in cost rapidly, becoming price competitive with polluting fossil fuel energy; and helping the economy of communities by creating jobs and increasing incomes. With this joint effort across communities around the world, we can stop and reverse climate change and its devastating effects. This, in turn, gives us a deep sense of satisfaction, connection and purpose. 

Climate Reality’s 100% COMMITTED Campaign has set out a clear program of how we can help our local communities – be they our schools, universities, workplaces, businesses, towns or cities – to take on this challenge and commit to changing to 100% clean renewable energy use. Get your local community, however small, excited about joining this campaign, and visit to gain clear ongoing support to achieve this goal.

“Solving the climate crisis is within our grasp, but we need people like you to stand up and act.” Former US Vice President Al Gore.

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